As a health care manager working with chronically ill patients with dementia and other issues, I was often frustrated with why we couldn’t find a way for the patient to be happier with their care. Then I realized that there was a GAP between verbal redirection and opting for psychotropic drug use for issues of non-compliance.

Through Path to Joy Professional Trainings, I train health care professionals and front line staff how to use unique, simple and effective strategies that are mutually beneficial to patients and professionals for decreased anxiety and pain as well as increased compliance and care satisfaction.

These trainings will show health care staff how to:

  • Decrease psychotropic drug use
  • Decrease pain prior to ADL care or Therapy Treatments
  • Calm agitation and anxiety before ADL Care
  • Empower clients to help with care instead of care being done for them
  • Increased patient compliance with care and medical treatments
  • Perform self-care techniques for patients and staff

Contact me at 630-200-2554  or


  • Discuss situations that contribute to patient non-compliance, decreased patient and family satisfaction, and decreased care efficiency
  • Discuss current documented research and statistics related to reimbursement as well as effective care and treatment approaches
  • Discuss and demonstrate unique, simple, effective targeted manual therapy and other strategies that lead to increased patient compliance and motivation for skilled treatments, therapy, and ADL care
  • Discuss and demonstrate strategies for increasing professional and front line staff efficiency with treatments and ADL care


  • Patient compliance and motivation for treatments, therapy, and ADL care will increase by at least 25%, which could lead to increased reimbursements
  • Patient and/or family satisfaction will increase by at least 40%, which ultimately could lead to more word of mouth referrals
  • PT/OT/ST and nursing treatments and sessions will be more efficient and effective for patients with barriers to compliance such as dementia, behaviors, pain, and low motivation, e.g.
  • PT/OT/ST and nursing staff will be more efficient and less stressed with pressures of work which could lead to higher staff satisfaction

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